Dozens of rubber slippers all over the entrance landing. The white tiles were littered with gravel picked up by the in-betweens of rubber soles. Who knows where anyone has been. Children ran past me, eyes never stopping to look, too busy with the world they've built. To the left of the stairs was a wide doorway which opened to an ongoing celebration.

People inside the house were smiling. The sun seemed to penetrate even the back of throats, the furthest of corners. It was the feeling of seeing people for the first time in years. It was the feeling of reunion. There might have been a casket, an altar, or a birthday cake but I couldn't see past the gathering. Maybe it's all of the three together.

I didn't know what they were celebrating. Everyone looked familiar but I knew not one name. It was a good day to be at home.


I think and I think. I am drowned by choices that my inclination, for so long, was to choose none of them.

When I closed my eyes, blobs of blackness floated behind my eyelids. Stop. Halt. Someone's telling me this is where it stops. There is no life for you here. We've conquered this body, and you can't save what's left of it.

It wasn't like that at first. When the blobs came, I thought they meant well. In whispers they said try harder, you are nothing and nobody without this life. The blobs danced and blocked everything that was in front of me.


Many people consider déjà vu as signposts from a parallel life. They are markers that greenlight you when divergent paths lay ahead. It's a forked road and once you walk forward in your awakeness, you've chosen this life instead of the other.

In this waking dream, this is what you've chosen. But in another dream, the Other walks a different path, and so on and so forth, until your collective dream ends. You've chosen not one, but all of them all at once.


A face smiles behind a mask. The thing opens its mouth. It makes unnerving gestures unreal and inhuman. From behind the camera, you couldn't tell the mask was made of retaso cloth held together using a glue gun. Cut. Good take. We packed up to move to the next location. The overcast sky began to shed small droplets of rain. With the next sequence also another challenging exterior, and all our equipment needing extra care (they didn't belong to us), we decided to drop by a friend's house near the area to charge all drained batteries as we waited out the drizzle.

We turned a corner, and that was where I saw the house from my dream. There were people in the open area. There were slippers in the landing. There were children playing.

I said nothing to anyone. We walked a little further.

When we passed by the house again, it was almost deserted. Only dogs rested by the staircase.

It was no longer a happy house from my dream. It was real and it was alive. I took a step forward.


This was just one of the many strange occurrences and other coincidences that happened to me recently. Too convoluted to write about, too crazy to be remotely believable. Just know that, like prayers, when a question is answered, believe it.

May your signposts guide you well.