ANNA MIGUEL CERVANTES (b. 1993) is a writer interested in the nexus of her identities as maker of text, moving images, and installation. She derives a propensity towards creating work with cinematic features, owing to her background in filmmaking as director, screenwriter, and production designer. As an artist, she’s currently focused on exploring food as psychic projection of organisms both alive and barely surviving.



A writer by roots, she has written scripts, subtitles, screenplays, copies, essays, project proposals, grants, activity documentation, e-books, artist bios & statements, social media cards, opinion pieces, features, and interviews.


She learned to work alongside other self-taught Mindanawon filmmakers. Four years later, she debuts with her first short film, and a documentary short a year after that. In between, she traverses within the moving images with works illuminating daily life on the fringes and experimental works in public spaces.


For work in the development sector, she goes by her legal name: Jannabel Moya.


Grassroots and international non-profits; art initiatives; corporations and academe; private and public institutions


Story & SubsBaboy Halas: Wailings in the Forest (2016) Dir. Bagane Fiola | International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017

Story, Director, Editor, Production Design, We Do Not Exist Here (2020)

Artist & Editor,  Ayo Tagbalay: To Come Apart, To Gather Together (2021) for the Cultural Center of the Philippines Visual Arts and Museum Division

Story, Director, Editor, Mga Gipaambit Gikan sa Tubig (Whispers from the Waters of Mindanao) (2021)


Video and/or writing projects in the topics of reproductive health, WASH, children's rights, Bangsamoro and indigenous peoples' right to self-determination, environmental protection, peace & conflict, all over the Philippines from Bukidnon to Basilan to Baguio


For complete details on clients and previous work, contact here.

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